Visual Art

‘Student Art Gallery’

Student art gallery is a permanent gallery at DSC that exhibits artwork from years 7 to 12. Titled ‘Tunnel vision’ this gallery is updated regularly and illustrates the wide variety of mediums students explore in Media studies, photography, visual communication design, textiles and art lessons. This gallery space provides students the opportunity to collaborate and curate their own exhibition at various times throughout the year.

Collaborative School Artwork

Art & Technology students have the opportunity to contribute to a collaborative artwork for permanent display at DSC. The artwork is constructed during the headstart program at the end of term 4 and combines both two dimensional and three dimensional art disciplines. The most recent artwork edition involved Year 8 Art students and Year 9 Metal work students, whom worked together to create unique, decorative fish scales. These scales were assembled on a two metre wide fish, which is now hanging majestically on the school walls.

Doncaster Secondary College has a strong Visual Arts and Technology department with a fantastic range of subjects such as Art, Visual Communication and Design, Studio Art, Media Studies, Food and Technology, Photography, Ceramics, Textiles, Woodwork, Metalwork and Electronics.

Our Arts curriculum is founded on developing essential life skills which will equip students for a vast range of career opportunities. The curriculum includes complex units of work involving problem solving, initiative and enterprise, communication, visual literacy, planning and organisation, self-management and higher order thinking skills.
Our students consistently produce outstanding artwork from year 7 to year 12, and are supported by school opportunities such as the weekly Art Club and the Annual Arts Weeks.

For any further information about our Arts and Technology program please contact us.

Simon Cross & Phillip Harvey
Arts and Technology Co-Ordinators

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Pic004 Pic001
Pic003 balance
P1013796 P1013795
P1013794 P1013792
P1013789 P1013791
P1013793 P1013788
P1013790 P1013787
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA vespa-and-graffitti-with-eye-in-mirror-final
Search-and-Desrtoy-poster-final Ronaldo-DVD
road RiversideEdit
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Movie poster- Romance
lookout LachlanCOrangeSilohuette
knott IMG_9532
IMG_8181 IMG_8032-2
IMG_4816 2 IMG_2919
IMG_2916 IMG_2912
IMG_2911 IMG_2589
IMG_2561-copy IMG_0096
IMG-20130228-WA0001 image50
image31 image30
GOOD Ghost 2 (forrest).3
Frank-monster-final Final-Copy-option-1
Fairis-Wheel1 DVD-slender-cover
block black metal 1
CJ-Poster chloe_edited-2
Chloe-Ghost-Photo-1 boui
BeFunky_IMG_1763.jpg 111
beach balance
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