Staff Phone & Email

Should you have enquiries or concerns in relation to your child in 2017, initial contact may be made by telephone on 98484677, or email the relevant person at:

Year 7 enquiries: Ms Carly Sayer

Year 8 enquiries: Ms Lisa Chiuchiarelli and Ms Kelly Walsh

Year 9 enquiries: Mr Ben Hollard

Year 10 enquiries: Ms Toni Honicke

Year 11 enquiries: Ms Cathy Bedson and Ms Bianca Foti

Year 12 enquiries: Mr Morgan Gardiner

Middle School Leader: Ms Luisa Allen

Senior School Leader: Mr Tyran Dennis

Assistant Principal responsible for Years 7 to 9: Mr Glenn Morris
Assistant Principal responsible for Years 10 to 12: Ms Belinda McGee

Careers Cordinator:
Enrolment Officer:

Welfare concerns:
VCE enquiries/administration issues: Mr Tyran Dennis


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