Professional Standards

Professional Standards – Experienced Teachers:

1. Demonstrate a high level of knowledge of relevant curriculum areas, student learning processes and resources, and can apply it in implementing programs which enhance student learning.

2. Demonstrate high-quality classroom teaching skills and successfully employ flexible and adaptive approaches and constructive strategies to allow students to reach their full potential.

3. Successfully apply assessment and reporting strategies that take account of relationships between teaching, learning and assessment.

4. Respond effectively to emerging educational initiatives and priorities.

5. Demonstrate high-level communication skills and professional behaviour when interacting with parents or guardians, students and colleagues.

6. Successfully organize and manage aspects of the wider school program.

7. Demonstrate improved teaching and performance skills through critically evaluating professional practices.

8. Provide high-level professional assistance to other teachers in classroom related areas.

Professional Standards – Experienced Teachers With Responsibility:

1. Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of relevant curriculum areas

2. Demonstrate and model excellent teaching and learning skills

3. Demonstrate a productive contribution to the school program

4. Demonstrate a significant contribution to the development, implementation and evaluation of curriculum programs and policy, and respond to initiatives that enhance student learning

5. Demonstrate a high level of commitment to student welfare within the school

6. Demonstrate strong ongoing professional learning

Professional Standards – Leading Teachers:

1. Demonstrate exemplary teaching and learning performance.

2. Demonstrate a strong commitment to personal leadership growth.

3. Provide high level educational leadership in the school community and beyond.

4.Build and maintain effective teams and develop cooperative working relationships that promote excellence in teaching and learning within the educational and broader community.

5. Initiate, plan and manage significant change in response to new educational directions, and manage the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of curriculum policy and programs.

6. Demonstrate a high level of ability to articulate educational issues and perspectives in communication with colleagues and others.

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