QuickSmart Literacy Intervention Program


There are now three independent sections to Literacy intervention:

  1. Literacy Support Club
  2. Toe by Toe
  3. Quick Smart Literacy.


Toe by Toe Phonics Program

This program was developed by Keda Cowling for Dyslexic and other students with reading difficulties.

Progression and speed in which the course is completed parallels the student’s growing ability to develop their levels of fluency in reading.

Toe by Toe teaches students to read polysyllabic words through syllable division.

Many of the Toe by Toe sentences are deliberately contrived in order that a student will build a word rather than guess it from the context.

Students thrive on the one on one connection with a chosen staff member.  The program can also be supported by a parent/ guardian.


Literacy Support Club

Students attend Literacy Support groups of no more than six students per group for two sessions a week in order to further the development of their literacy skills. Classes cover reading fluency and strategies for independent reading such as predicting, clarifying the meaning of unknown vocabulary, questioning what they read and summarising. The conventions of writing such as spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and paragraphing are also reviewed. Students are encouraged to consider personal literacy goals and to write reflections about their progress. Emphasis is also placed on the organisational skills required for students to cope at school.

QuickSmart is a support program that has been developed since 2001 by a research team from the SiMERR – National Centre at the University of New England. It focuses on the literacy learning needs of students in the middle school years. The aim of the program is to support students to ‘speed up’ their basic skills in reading. It is essentially a practice program that helps students to improve reading speed and comprehension. Improvements in these basic academic skills benefit students in all areas of their learning.

Students are withdrawn from class in groups of two for three half hour sessions per week The program runs for thirty weeks.

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