Curriculum – Middle (Years 7, 8 & 9)

Middle School, in particular Year 7, is a transitional stage in schooling. Students move from the integrated approach of primary school to the more diverse, subject-oriented approach of secondary school.

In Year 7 at Doncaster Secondary College, the focus is upon assisting students to make this transition smoothly and upon consolidating and extending the basic skills acquired at primary school. Students learn to cope effectively with a greater number of fellow students and teachers, many more subjects, movement between classrooms and a much larger and more complex physical environment. All this occurs while the students are also undergoing a great deal of personal and physical development.

The College has a well-developed Transition Program to assist students in their adjustment to secondary school so that they can proceed to maximize their learning and take advantage of the many opportunities which the College provides. Visits by Grade 5 and 6 students from the College’s main feeder Schools enable them to become familiar with the College environment.

  • Prior to the arrival of our Year 7 students, staff from our Middle School visit primary schools to gather information about each student’s academic and social development.
  • Orientation Day, held early in December, allows Grade 6 students enrolled at our College to experience a day at secondary school, meet their teachers and other new students and to learn about the timetable and where everything is located.
  • At the start of the school year, an Orientation Program which focuses on group co-operation is conducted by the Student Welfare Co-ordinator and a Peer Support Program involving Year 10 students addresses ‘settling in issues’ and any concerns Year 7 students may have.
  • An Orientation camp held early in the school year is attended by the vast majority of students and is invaluable in establishing friendships, confidence and team spirit.
  • Parents may also require additional information about the College, so an Orientation Evening for parents is held prior to Orientation Day and a further Information Evening takes place in February for Year 7 parents.

Year 7 students are placed in mixed ability form groups in which they remain for the majority of their classes. The exception is the Learning Enhancement and Enrichment Program, selection for which is based upon ability testing and recommendations by primary school teachers. Care is taken to ensure that each student is placed in a form group with some other students from the same primary school.

Year 7 Class Teachers generally teach their Year 7 class for more than one subject e.g. Maths/Science, English/LOTE and History/Geography. This enables Teachers to get to know the Year 7 students as quickly as possible and to be aware of any transition issues that may arise with students.  Heads of School and Level Co-ordinators are responsible for the general welfare, discipline and counselling of students. There are one or two Level Co-ordinators for each year level, and a Head of Middle School Co-ordinator and Assistant Principal who oversee Years 7, 8 and 9.

Middle School (Year 7) Curriculum Booklet For 2017
Middle School (Year 7) Curriculum Booklet For 2017
Middle School (Year 7) Curriculum Booklet for 2017.pdf
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Developing Independence and Making Choices

A predominantly core curriculum is provided in Middle School, however, as students move towards making choices about future directions they are able to select from a number of elective subjects to develop particular interest areas or talents.

Year 9 students continue to consolidate their academic skills and expand their development of life skills by participating in the Authentic and Integrated Learning Program.

Year 9 Curriculum Booklet
Year 9 Curriculum Booklet
Year 9 Curriculum Booklet 2017(3).pdf
Version: 2017
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