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The DiSCovery program was implemented for Years 7 to 9 students in 2010 and for Years 10 to 12 in 2011.

Discussion about the program occurred three years ago and after much research and consultation the College decided to introduce a weekly program that would focus on transition, pastoral care and personalised learning. The College worked with Bob Bellhouse to develop part of the program.  Bob Bellhouse an experienced teacher and presenter provided the expertise that enabled the program to be structured around Circle Time.

Circle Time is a democratic and respectful pedagogy to develop social/emotional skills and a positive class ethos.  Circle Time builds resilience and mental health, promotes empathy, reduces bullying and fosters belonging.

The DiSCovery program is not content based but skill based. It focuses on enhancing student learning, promoting student connectedness with the College community and the monitoring of student progress through personalised learning.

Beliefs underpinning the DiSCovery program include not only the learning, but also the social and emotional development of each student.

Each year level has a particular focus ranging from transition at Year 7 to goal setting, stress management and preparing for life beyond school at Year 12.

  • Year 7              Transition: Primary to Secondary
  • Year 8              Leadership
  • Year 9              Transition: Pathways/VCE and role modelling
  • Years 10-12      Pathways, personal development

 A levy for DiSCovery provides for DiSCovery folders, guest speakers and resources to support the program.  The College purchased an online study program that can be accessed at home and all students are encouraged to further their learning by completing study modules that are relevant to their learning.



The  Enrichment for Excellence Program for Years 7, 8 and 9 was established at Year 7 level in 2003. Students in the Select Entry Accelerate Learning (SEAL) Program cover similar curriculum content as those in mainstream classes but are extended and challenged through a range of higher order thinking processes and tasks. The students remain together for English, Mathematics, History/Geography and Science, but are in mixed ability groups for Technology, Arts, Physical Education, Health, Sport and LOTE.

Advantages of the Select Entry Accelerate Learning (SEAL) Program:

    • Students in the Select Entry Accelerate Learning (SEAL) Program are more motivated and productive because they are being extended in their learning.

    • They are able to study subjects in depth and are encouraged to employ a greater range of higher order thinking skills.

    • Students in the Select Entry Accelerate Learning (SEAL) Program enter VCE with more advanced skills.

    • Their teachers do not have such a wide range of ability to cater for and so can better extend and support students in their class.

Selection for the Select Entry Accelerate Learning (SEAL) Program:

Selection for the Program is based upon application, testing and primary school recommendations. All students for whom applications have been received must undertake a test. After careful consideration of the results of the testing and discussions with their primary school teachers, twenty-six students will be offered places in the Year 7 Select Entry Accelerate Learning (SEAL) class. The College reviews the membership of this class each semester to ensure the success of the program. Selection of candidates for the Year 7, 2018 SEAL program is through a testing process; the tests include areas in literacy, numeracy, logic and reasoning. Testing will be conducted by edutest. 

 Even if your child is not selected for the Select Entry Accelerate Learning (SEAL) Program, teachers in the mainstream program make every effort to extend and challenge their students, so your child should find his/her experiences at the College fulfilling and enriching. For more details about the Select Entry Accelerate Learning (SEAL) Program, please contact:  Gary Rule- Assistant Principal  


Alpine School

The College has participated in the Alpine School Program since 2004. The Alpine School is a Victorian Department of Education school specialising in leadership education for Year 9 students. Selected Year 9 students have a term away at the Snowy River campus at Marlo in Gippsland, Dinner Plain campus near Mt. Hotham or Gnurad-Gundidj Campus at Glenormiston. These students spend 10 weeks participating in programs that encourage leadership skills and personal development, as well as involvement in a Community Learning Project. 

Attendance at the Alpine School as part of a school team is reserved for those students who have demonstrated leadership potential and who will be able to contribute to the further development of leadership programs in their school. The students are required to develop and work on a community-based project during the time they spend at the Alpine School.  

A Victorian Program for Youth Development

“Advance” is a school–based program that provides opportunities for students to participate in their local community.  The program provides young people with opportunities to build their strengths and capacities by working with local organisations.Doncaster Secondary College Year 9 students have been given the opportunity to participate in this program which will develop their leadership skills, as well as engaging them in special aspects of the Doncaster community.  For example, our students have been involved in community projects with Heatherwood Community School.

The Advance Class speak their minds at the Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program.

The Advance Class speak their minds at the Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program.

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