School Chaplains encourage and enhance the wellbeing of the entire school community, including; staff, students and their families. Whilst each chaplain brings their own unique skills and passions to the role they do focus on a few main areas that include:

  • Pastoral Care 
  • Connecting students with the wider community through various programs and referrals to community agencies
  • Implementing various leadership and welfare based programs
  • They also play an educative role in the areas of beliefs, values, morals, ethics and religion

Currently the chaplaincy program sees an array of different community groups volunteer their time at the College from Mentoring to Breakfast Club to Senior Lounge, Student Focus and ESL Homework Club.

There are leadership programs like Peer Support that assist the Year 7 students transition into High School and enhance the leadership skills of Year 9 students. Craft for a Cause was established to educate students on Fair-trade Products and use students own skills to raise funds for a self-sustaining business.

If you would like more information on any of the programs run or would like to make an appointment please phone Katherine Lazarus at the College Ph: 9848 4677
The Chaplain is supported by the Chaplaincy Committee. The Committee is made up of various members of the school and local community, including; staff, parents and local church members. New members are always welcome to join the Committee. The Committee meet throughout the year to discuss fundraising for the Chaplaincy Program and to promote awareness.

If you have any concerns please phone Glenn Morris at the College Ph: 9848 4677

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