Information & Communications Technology

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) plays a major role in the lives of students through the curriculum programs offered, teaching practice and in the priority given to the development of computer facilities at Doncaster Secondary College.

Strategically located networked computer suites and laboratories ensure that all students are able to use ICT to support their learning, while a fully networked Library and adjacent Internet and Multimedia laboratories enable easy access to a range of electronic resources. Curriculum resources may be accessed by both students and staff on the College intranet.

ICT is used to support learning and teaching across all areas of the curriculum.

The college provides

  • A robust wireless network

  • Every student with  their own network and email account

  • There are over 300 desktop computers spread throughout the College. Currently over 1000 students have their own device registered for use on our network.

  • Suites of peripherals such as digital video cameras and scanners are also available.

As well as the integration of ICT across the curriculum, the college offers the following studies in Information Technology:

  • Year 9 Information Technology
  • VCE Units 1 Information Technology: IT in Action
  • VCE Units 2 Information Technology: IT Pathways
  • VCE Units 3 Information Technology: Software Development
  • VCE Units 4 Information Technology: Software Development
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